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Josh Foley / Elixir

Code Name: Elixir
Given Name: Joshua 'Josh' Foley
First Appearance: New Mutants (II) - #05
Major SeriesNew Mutants (II), New X-Men (II) & X-Force (III)
Mutant Abilities: Manipulation/Rearrangement of organic molecules (to heal or cause illness), golden-coloured skin
Status: Active, Mutant
Nationality: United States of America
Current Residence: Utopia [Asteroid M] (off of San Francisco Bay), United States of America
Relatives: Howard Foley (father, disowned), Grace Foley (mother, disowned), Danielle Moonstar (legal guardian [New Mutants II - #07])
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Semi-dated Wolfsbane, dated Wallflower until her death, currentally involved with Loa. 
Elixir: I know what's going on here. I've seen and heard enough to figure it out, Laura. And I know they're keeping the truth from the other X-Men. So I guess the question is, what are they going to do with me? I'm not going to use my powers to kill. And they can't just keep me here, Alani and the others will notice.
X-23: There is a 98.2 percent chance you will tell someone what you've seen here, given your age and current romantic relationship. The only tatical recourse Cyclops has is to kill you.
Elixir: Seriously?!?
X-23: Yes. But--
Wolverine: Come on, punks. We've got work to do.
Elixir: "But" what?! Cyclops should kill me but what? Laura!!
(X-Force III - #07)

Xavier Institute

Squad: New Mutants (co-leader)
Roommate: Prodigy
Date for post-Field Day Dance: none
Likes: Basketball, Baseball, Frisbee, Video Games
Dislikes: Can I name a Specific Person? No? Well, he knows who he is.**
Voted: Most Athletic
**based on events recent to the Yearbook issue, Hellion is very likely to be the specific person) 

House of M (Earth 58163)
'team': S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; torturer - partnered with Wither
Relationships: unknown. 

Other Resourses
Josh @ Comicvine
Josh @ Uncanny X-Men
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