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Jay Guthrie / Icarus

Code Name: Icarus
Given Name: Joshua 'Jay' Guthrie
First Appearance: ROM Annual - #03
Died: New X-Men (II) - #27 [shot by Reverend William Stryker]
Major SeriesNew X-Men (II) 
Mutant Abilities: Flight (Wings), Regenerative Healing, Hypnotic Voice
Status: Deceased; Mutant 
Nationality: United States of America
Last Residence: Salem Center, NY, United States of America
Relatives: Thomas Guthrie [I] (father), Lucinda Guthrie (mother), Sam Guthrie (brother), Paige Elisabeth Guthrie (sister), Melody Guthrie (sister), Elizabeth Guthrie (sister), Jedediah 'Jeb' Guthrie (brother), Joelle Guthrie (sister),  Lewis Guthrie (brother)
Occupation: Student
Relationships: bonded with/interested in Dust. 
Icarus: I've had enough. You guys are pathetic. Dani always said that squads are like family. Well, I've got a family and we treat each other much better than this.
Wind Dancer: Jay, wait!
Icarus: No. It was admirable of you to try, Sofia. But this group is hopeless.
(New Mutants II - Yearbook) 

Xavier Institute
Squad: New Mutants (prev. Hellions)
Roommate: (unknown) 
Date for post-Field Day Dance: Wind Dancer (asked Dust, but was turned down)
LeftNew X-Men (II) #27 (died)
Likes: Singing, Playing Guitar 
Dislikes: Shallow People
Voted: Most Musical
House of M (Earth 58163)
Information unknown. This question posed @ http://www.comicvine.com/icarus/29-9739/was-jay-in-house-of-m/92-576225/

Other Resourses
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