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Laurie Collins / Wallflower

Code Name: Wallflower
Given Name: Laurie Collins
First Appearance: New Mutants (II) - #02
Died: New X-Men (II) - #25 [assassinated by Matthew Risman]
Major SeriesNew Mutants (II), New X-Men (II) 
Mutant Abilities: Pheromone-based emotion manipulation
Status: Deceased; Mutant 
Nationality: United States of America
Last Residence: Salem Center, NY, United States of America
Relatives: Sean Garrison (father), Gail Collins (mother)
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Dated Elixir. 
Wallflower: No. I'm not scared. But you will be. GET OUT OF HERE!
Wolfsbane: *ylp!*
Wallflower: I did it... I really did it.
(New Mutants II - #11) 

Xavier Institute
Squad: New Mutants
Roommate: Wind Dancer 
Date for post-Field Day Dance: Prodigy
LeftNew X-Men (II) #25 (died)
Likes: Reading, Puzzles 
Dislikes: Public Speaking
Voted: Shyest Student
House of M (Earth 58163)
'team': New Mutant Leadership Institute (under headmaster Xi'an Coy Mahn), secret S.H.I.E.L.D. agent 
Relationships: best friends with Mercury. 

Other Resourses
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